According to the National Register on Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia, window cleaning is among the most challenging jobs in the world, considering the risks and the nature of the labour. Washing or cleaning windows entails removing dirt, grime, and other objects from the glass’s surface.

“Owning property is typically the most precious asset most of us will ever experience in our lives. Because of this, it’s essential to carefully assess everything, including the doors and windows, and make sure that maintaining the property’s aesthetic appeal would be beneficial to the owners,” says Harrison Hamblin of Habitat Inspection—one of the most trusted property inspectors in Australia.

Windows are harder to clean than they appear. In some cases, we also clean them incorrectly. Here are a few, but not all, errors people make when cleaning windows:

1. Not Removing Dirt Before Cleaning

Window cleaning professionals identified that one major mistake in cleaning the basement to the high-rise window is failing to remove the dust and debris from windows before cleaning them. To begin, get a brush or a dry towel. Because if you use your cloth and cleaning product right away, you will just be wetting the dirt and spreading it around your window, making it look worse. This action will contaminate more clothes, require more product, and take far longer to perfect than it should.

2. Using Cheap Or Dirty Cleaning Supplies

Poor tools and materials will only produce poor outcomes. The improper cleaning supplies could cause your window to become streaky. Your glass and window clothes must be clean; using one, hanging it up, and then reusing it will result in streaks and smudges that are nearly impossible to remove.

3. Using Excessive Spray

It is simple to get carried away and use too much spray when cleaning windows. This may dry out your windows and leave streaks on them. Additionally, it makes it more difficult to see what you are doing. Washing your windows ensures that all dirt and debris are removed before cleaning them. This will aid in the removal of small dirt particles in difficult-to-reach areas and keep them from becoming trapped by your cleaning solution.

4. Hiring A Non-professional To Do The Job

Because of more up-to-date tools, equipment, and safety regulations, cleaning windows is no longer as difficult or dangerous as it was. But, you should never try to employ a non-professional window cleaner if you consider doing so, because it could be risky. Choose a reputable, licensed residential/domestic cleaning service to aid you.

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