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Book your home spring cleaning in Tauranga with experts at Epic Cleaning

Is your home ready for spring cleaning? If not, Epic Cleaning Services can help. We have extensive experience and industry knowledge to provide efficient and reliable spring cleaning services for residential properties. We have already cleaned over a thousand homes and made them ready for the exciting season of Spring.

Get a free quote today to estimate the cost of our services. Don’t let the filthiness of your home dull your shine for the upcoming season of Spring. Hire the leading cleaning service in Tauranga at Epic Cleaning Services for efficient and affordable spring house cleaning. We specialize in spot and cobweb removal, disinfecting the entire property for a healthier stay. 

We pride ourselves on being the one-stop destination for all your cleaning needs, with Spring Clean being one of our hot-favourite services. We use eco-friendly, green products and the best cleaning tools. We reach even the darkest corners of your property to tidy up excellently and remove cobwebs, black marks on the walls, skirting board, ceiling, light fitting, and dust furniture and window sills.

Spring is almost here, and if you want your residential property to be ready for this welcoming season with minimum hassle, book your dates with us at Epic Cleaning Services. Our team played a significant role in uplifting the standards of Spring cleaning in Tauranga and takes pride in getting all the dirt and stains out with deep sweep services. While you work on making your home breezier and rearrange your closet for the changing season, we deep clean every inch of your home for a spectacular cleanliness makeover. Hurry and book your Spring cleaning in Tauranga at Epic Cleaning Services immediately!

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After reserving an appointment for the home cleaning service, our professionals will come to your place with the appropriate cleaning kit. You’ll be informed when our cleaners arrive at your doorstep and will provide you with an estimated duration to complete all the cleaning chores within your place. After completing the cleaning process, you’ll be informed of the same. When you arrive at your home, you’ll have full authority to inspect our work, and if you have any complaints, we’ll be at your back and call to ensure that we resolve any issue you might have. Along with all of the above, we’ll give you a detailed list of every service we provide within the home cleaning package, so you can assure that the needful has been done.

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