Weekends are one of many times for indulgence. High tea is best during the weekdays because it is less crowded and peaceful. It can also be a refreshing and intimate afternoon occasion for loved ones, friends, or acquaintances. While you indulge in these delightful moments, ensure your home remains a haven of tranquillity with professional home cleaning services. Let your space reflect the same peace and comfort you experience during your weekday high tea gatherings. Trust us for meticulous home cleaning services to maintain an inviting atmosphere for your loved ones.

According to the Australia Tea Association, different nations and cultures have developed various techniques for brewing and consuming tea. Regardless of the brewing technique, it is imperative to have guidelines for the proper temperatures. It results in the finest brew for scent, palate, and aftertaste.

“Similar to coffee, the methods used to brew tea can significantly impact the flavour and quality of the finished product. Brewing is an art form that can result in a light or intensely rich flavour,“ says coffee expert Harvey Griffin of Coffee Machine—Australia’s top commercial coffee solutions supplier.

Having a fantastic high tea event with delectable food and fun people is a delightful experience. The following three ideas will help you plan a fabulous afternoon tea party:

1. Set A Budget, Guest List & Location | home cleaning services

The budget and number of guests will determine how big your afternoon tea gathering should be. The fact that you don’t have to invest in pricey antique teacups, teapots, and serving pieces is a convenience. Teahouses offer delicious cuisine, entertaining party supplies, and tea party essentials at affordable prices.

Olinda Teahouse & Restaurant offers signature high tea for $66 per person on weekdays and $73 on weekends and public holidays. For $99 per person, guests can also partake in a Garden Gazebo High Tea event. A Private Room Floral House accommodating up to 10 guests will be perfect for an intimate moment for only $99 per person.

2. Set The Date, Theme, & Dress Code

Spending all the time and energy planning a party only to learn there is a schedule conflict is a big disappointment. Consult your attendees, choosing a date for the party.

A few themes that work well for high tea parties include retro, Bollywood, Alice in Wonderland, and Queen’s palace. Deciding on a dress code and theme-based activities can further define the tone of the enjoyable, carefree afternoon.

3. Plan the Food And Drinks

Going the British route menu is advisable if gluten is not an issue. The perfect accompaniments to tea are scones, macaroons, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, pastries, and cookies.

The typical high tea served at Olinda Teahouse & Restaurant has an Asian flair. It will be fascinating to see a robot serving Devonshire tea, delicious Asian petit fours, and hot and cold savouries. Additionally, a variety of hot chocolate, espresso, and black, white, or green teas won’t disappoint.

Delight In Asian Fusion Dining And High Tea Experience With Olinda Tea House And Restaurant

One of life’s most delightful treasures is afternoon tea. It is best with the people close to our hearts. Create a moment to remember with your loved ones!

Olinda Tea House & Restaurant is a modern Asian fusion restaurant serving lunch and dinner six days a week in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. Well-known for its legendary High Tea and impeccable ambience, it is an ideal place to host an upcoming special event, a laid-back brunch, a vacation for two, or a family reunion.

Contact us at olindateahouse.com.au for more information and get to know Olinda Tea House & Restaurant—one of Australia’s top teahouses and restaurants.