House cleaning in Tauranga

 is done like this every day, and this work seems very easy. If some useful, best, and easy methods for house cleaning are adopted, not only the cleaning of the house improves but also the appearance of the house. Thousands and millions of incoming germs are also eliminated.

 During the global coronavirus epidemic, doctors have also given suggestions for regular cleaning of the house, by which not only the house can be cleaned in a better way but also the coronavirus epidemic can be avoided.

 Women put a lot of effort into cleaning the house, and as a result, they get tired. Following a few simple tips can save a lot of time.

Cleaning the freezer Cleaning the freezer

 The freezer often starts to smell, which gradually settles in the freezer. Keep the food in the freezer in order and keep it away from vegetables, fruits, milk, and water bottles. Be sure to clean the freezer every 15 days in the following ways:

To eliminate the smell of the refrigerator, open the box of baking soda and put it in the freezer. Take it out after 24 hours, and the smell will disappear.Grind the coffee beans and put them on a plate. Put the plate in the fridge for 24 hours. Instead of throwing away the coffee, you can add it as plant fertilizer. 

Cleaning the kitchen

 If the stove, oven, and dishwashing area, i.e., sink, are not cleaned, the kitchen looks dirty and unsightly, and if these things look shiny and clean, the whole kitchen looks shiny.Sweet, baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent. Sprinkle a little baking soda on the cleaning area, add enough water to make a paste, leave it overnight, and wipe off with a clean cloth in the morning. You may be surprised at the results.



Furniture cleaning

 Add half a cup of lemon juice to one cup of baby oil, and after mixing both ingredients well, apply it to the wooden furniture and doors with the help of a soft cloth. Lightly dip the cloth in coconut oil and lightly rub it on the wood.



How do I clean the bathroom?

 The most germs are found in the bathroom, so its cleanliness is also more important. In order to keep the bathroom clean for a long time, all the family members should make it a habit to use it after leaving the bathroom. Put away things like brushes, toothpaste, and soap; dry the floor. To clean the bathroom glass, spray the shampoo on the glass and wipe it dry with a tissue or clean cloth.Add the salt to a fine paste and rub it on the tiles. Leave it for a while, then wash it off with water and a wiper.Toothpaste can also be used to clean old stains or scars.

 Cleaning the feathers

Fans are usually the hardest to clean, with dust causing them to turn black, but this complaint can have your fans sparkling in minutes with a simple trick.

Add water and two tablespoons of vinegar to a spray bottle, take a pillowcase and a clean cloth, get on a high chair or stepladder, and apply the cover to the fan blades. Remove the cover while wiping the fan so that all the dust will settle into the cover. Now spray the fan with vinegar and wipe it once with a clean cloth, and the fan will start to shine.

 How do you get rid of invisible germs during cleaning?

 Washing dishes and kitchen surfaces with hot, soapy water or detergent will clean the germs.

 For complete elimination of germs, it is useful to keep the cleaned items in water hotter than 70 degrees Celsius for some time and wash them.