Cleaning your house: Top 10 Essential Products

Housework can be quite a tedious task, especially if you lack time. And things get worse if you have pets. There are various everyday tasks that are easy to perform, such as washing the dishes or sweeping the floor. Others are more complicated, such as cleaning ceilings or removing lime or mold from bathrooms. To make cleaning your house as effective as possible, here are the top 10 essential products.

1. Multipurpose liquid soap

We recommend a good liquid soap for washing dishes by hand in the sink because, diluted with water, it can also be used to clean practically any surface, except wood. Even stains on clothing can be removed with good dish soap if washed in time and with very hot water.

2. Microfiber cloths and cloths 

This kit of fabric pieces is usually called the Rags. It is completely necessary for cleaning the house: the kitchen, bathrooms, glass, lamps, mirrors, and shelves. Virtually all objects in the house can and should receive a wipe with a cloth at least a couple of times a week.

3. Bleach 

Surely, in addition to being one of the essential products, it is the best ally for the hygiene of your home. You can apply it in bathrooms and kitchens to remove mold. In addition, it not only acts as a disinfectant but is also ideal for whitening clothes and eliminating bad odors.

4. Vacuum cleaner or broom 

These two utensils are basic elements to keep the floors of your house clean, removing dirt.

5. Mops and floor scrubbers 

This utensil-product combination is another pillar to keep your house clean,wash and sparkling.

6. Glass and furniture cleaners

Not everything can be cleaned with bleach, and, although these products are more specific, they are designed to quickly and easily maintain your furniture.

7. Gloves 

Gloves function as a protective layer between our skin and certain products that can cause irritation, such as bleach, insecticides, or ammonia. In addition, they protect us from other bacteria and external germs.

8. Detergents for the dishwasher and washing machine

These two basic appliances require the corresponding soap powders or tablets. And another specific product is recommended to clean the machines themselves from time to time, since they do not clean themselves.

9. Anti-limescale cleaner 

To remove deep-rooted dirt, specifically from bathrooms, this product will be very useful.

10. Insecticides

It is essential to be prepared against any type of insect that may appear in any room of the house.